BEST FREE KICK GOALS Cristiano Ronaldo LaLiga Santander

Enjoy again the best free kicks goals of the Portuguese star with Real Madrid in LaLiga!

00:00 Atlético de Madrid - Real Madrid 2016/2017
00:37 Real Madrid - RC Celta 2015/2016
01:02 Real Madrid - SD Eibar 2014/2015
01:28 Real Madrid - Real Sociedad 2012/2013
01:58 Real Madrid - Villarreal CF 2009/2010
02:27 Villarreal CF - Real Madrid 2010/2011
02:49 Villarreal CF - Real Madrid 2010/2011
03:11 Real Madrid - Atlético de Madrid 2012/2013
03:35 Real Madrid - Real Sociedad 2013/2014
04:00 Elche CF - Real Madrid 2013/2014
04:37 Athletic Club - Real Madrid 2012/2013
05:02 Real Zaragoza - Real Madrid 2010/2011
05:31 Real Madrid - Athletic Club 2010/2011
06:00 Real Madrid - Getafe CF 2014/2015

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  • Jajaja parece que todos le salen por accidente

    Abraham Emilio Hernández GómezAbraham Emilio Hernández Gómez21 órája
  • Ronaldo gak di la liga lagi ... Move on dong.... 😂😂😂😂 Rating la liga turun ya... Kesiaann

  • Una cagada. Todos iguales. Siempre desde distancia similar. Y siempre apostando a que la pelota haga algún movimiento raro. Ni el sabía como lo hacía, por eso ahora se le van a las nubes. El primero de rebote, ridículo. Y varios se los comen los arqueros.

  • Goat Things by Cristiano

    Rixx KumarRixx KumarNapja
  • Messi freekick is better then ronaldo

    Rajwa RamadhanRajwa Ramadhan2 napja
  • People just think it only knuckleball he now how to do but thank u for setting things straight

    Ayomikun AdesanyaAyomikun Adesanya2 napja
  • Los mejores jugadores del mundo en este tiempo y de la historia serán Messi y Cristiano Ronaldo

    Eneko Esuain BerridiEneko Esuain Berridi3 napja
  • Messi is far away better👀

    Mario GMario G3 napja
  • Después de este video me pregunté quien era messi

    Betasniper GGBetasniper GG4 napja
  • El golaso de la CRISTIANO

    Kino. uz SaliyevKino. uz Saliyev4 napja
  • 3:35 Real Madrid vs Referee FC

    Ahmad AuvaAhmad Auva4 napja
  • Best free kick goals? U didn't even include his best free kicks

    all Rounderall Rounder4 napja
  • 5:23 Marcelo already celebrating before the free kick

    Grace NketsiahGrace Nketsiah4 napja
  • Technically 1st one header by varane

    Siva JosephSiva Joseph4 napja
  • Ahora es Penaldo 😫

    Jose Antonio20Jose Antonio205 napja
  • 4:08 Laser cant stop him from scoring.

    chyuchyu5 napja
    • Prolly England fans

      Daan AbbringDaan Abbring3 napja
  • CR7 Zoooooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Ashan MAshan M5 napja
  • Patético, La Liga haciendo vídeos de jugadores que ya no juegan aquí, como Neymar o Cristiano y todavía no han tenido la decencia de subir un vídeo de las mejores paradas de Oblak de esta temporada, campeón de liga y Trofeo Zamora. Luego que porqué la gente le tiene manía al Madrid y al Barsa.

    AdamaAdama5 napja
  • 👏👏👏

    A Alam kkA Alam kk5 napja
  • I want to see two 🐐🐐 play together 😍😍

    ADHZZ 7ADHZZ 75 napja
  • Messi is so much better.. 7th balon dor siuuuuuuuuuuu

    Abcdefg32 1Abcdefg32 16 napja
  • Mon idole CR7

    Lakare WG officielLakare WG officiel6 napja
  • The first and third was actually terrible

    TrapLoverTrapLover6 napja
  • impresionante ......

    Adonis Top of MenAdonis Top of Men6 napja
  • Malísimos las faltas de este video. La mitad errores de los porteros, y balones a la mitad de portería. Tiene infinidad de mejores faltas.

    CDM Quiromasajista Personal TrainerCDM Quiromasajista Personal Trainer6 napja
  • 4:06 there was a laser at cr7’s face, but he still scored cuz he’s the GOAT

    ÆziiÆzii6 napja
    • @Lionel Messi We need people or fans like you who May be either messi fan or maradona,pele or ronaldo fan, but give credit to world is so salty that they say ronaldo penaldo and messi pessi

      Priya MishraPriya Mishra4 napja
    • @ULtrax bro watch how he bounces the ball right in front of the keeper so that inspite of diving he cannot save it. Learn to appreciate bro.

      Lionel MessiLionel Messi6 napja
    • It was a shitty goal because the keeper is bad

      ULtraxULtrax6 napja
  • Simplemente con haber visto la miniatura, sabes las tremendas obras de arte que verás

    PiedritaPiedrita6 napja
  • The 🐐

    Saswata BhattacharyaSaswata Bhattacharya6 napja
  • 🐐

    Ashwin JosephAshwin Joseph6 napja
  • *CR7 ES EL MEJOR JUGADOR EN LA HISTORIA DEL FUTBOL.* El Real Madrid no volverá a ganar otra Champions en décadas (apunten eso).

    Capitan FuturoCapitan Futuro7 napja
  • Why is this comment section toxic

    Lionel MessiLionel Messi7 napja
  • messi number one

    김영분김영분7 napja
    • @김영분 Yeah you itself is a child right? No need to discuss about football with you. If you feel like your level is going down then let it down. But that ain't change the fact that you are just envious of CR7'S success since this video wasn't even of messi but still you put messi's name in here it just show how envious you are of Cr7.

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
    • @Puyol I am with a child-level person like this. How can we discuss football? I feel like my level is going down.

      김영분김영분6 napja
    • @김영분 That's why Cr7 has more net worth than messi. Cr7 has net worth of 500m$ while messi has something 400m and Cr7 was the first football player to become a billionaire. Every play, every attack indicator said Cr7's dominance. Even a 3 year old child knows.

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
    • Consider once again whether Ronaldo's salary is half that of Messi.@Puyol Ronaldo doesn't make more than 40% of Messi's salary. And, the professional's salary speaks for itself. Every play, every attack indicator said Messi's dominance. Even a 3-year-old child knows.

      김영분김영분6 napja
    • @김영분 what messi can do In the penalty box, the ball which he send to Mars, just miss, take, eat, cry away. Dare I never compare myself to messi, so read twice and them reply.

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
  • other league don't have copyright and you have why?

    Real MadridReal Madrid7 napja
  • Messi Best

    Ajmal P AAjmal P A7 napja
    • Cr7 best

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
  • Still Lionel Messi scores better free kick.

    Shardul AndhareShardul Andhare7 napja
    • Still Cr7 scores better Free kick.

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
  • *‏🔢 الأسطورة ليونيل ميسي في مسيرته 🤴* • 929 مُباراة • 748 هدف • 359 أسيست • 1107 مُساهمة • 36 لقب • 58 ركلة حرة • 54 هاتريك • 6 حذاء ذهبي • 6 الكرة الذهبية • 6 الأفضل من الفيفاء • 2 الأفضل في أوروبا • 8 بيتشيتشي • 1 الأفضل بكأس العالم 2014 أفضل لاعب وهداف ولقب كوبا أميركا 2021

    To ReĐaTo ReĐa7 napja
  • زربانو

    To ReĐaTo ReĐa7 napja
  • Cr7💗💗💗

    Sk kamran HassanSk kamran Hassan8 napja
  • ¡¡Ay mi madre el Bicho!!

    J Josue Gonzalez PlataJ Josue Gonzalez Plata8 napja
  • Messi better than him 😌

    D O JD O J8 napja
    • @D O J cr7 better than me

      Lionel MessiLionel Messi6 napja
    • @D O J The way how you dare

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
    • @Puyol how dare you !

      D O JD O J6 napja
    • Cr7 better than messi.

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
  • penaldo only won 2 ligas in 9 years, and his freekick conversion rate is shit

    cookie2011cookie20118 napja
    • Penalessi win only 1 Champions in 10 years

      CaGAYbi puta petardo en su cueva humillado por miCaGAYbi puta petardo en su cueva humillado por mi6 napja
  • The way pepe and sami Khedira positioned and removed themselves...oh man criminal 😂😅🔥

    StaticJumper One2StaticJumper One28 napja
  • Cristiano❤

    SiMEN46  ✔SiMEN46 ✔8 napja
  • Cristiano Ronaldo greatest of all time 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🐐🐐

    football worldfootball world8 napja
    • Lol u joking...its Messi boy 7 th Ballondor on its way

      AlanAlan6 napja
  • now his kick the ball always target to the tribun🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ramli DahlanRamli Dahlan8 napja
  • When is the last time he scored a freekick? ☺️

    III IIIIII III8 napja
    • @LC 17 of course I did. I tried almost every technique possible.Plz explain how the knees only affect his free-kick ability but not everything else that relies more on knees.I would like to know.And why does he still continue if he knows his knees are preventing him from doing his technique properly?Is he so dumb that after almost 5 years he still tries knowing he has a terrible knee problem if that was the main issue?Again love to hear your views.

    • @ROMANO WILLIAMS you have never tried a knuckle ball freeckick in real life right?

      LC 17LC 178 órája
    • @H A lol, this knee problem bs. If he had a knee problem at 2016.Can you plz explain to me how he had the fastest speed at World Cup(Even faster than mpabbe),had about 2 -2m air jump headers. And literally almost run 9+ secs at his old age in EUROS and league matches? Is it not on the same knee?When doctors at Juve said it's like his body was young.Did they not check his knee while he was jumping or running. Lol pathetic excuse. His lack of freekicks have nothing to do with his knees. After all , if it did happen why doesn't it affect his jumping or running WHCIH I PRESUME RELIES ON HIS KNEES MORE than kicking a ball IF NOT THE SAME.Pathetic logic from a fanboy.

    • July 2020not bad for someone with knee problem 😉

      H AH A3 napja
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      AlanAlan6 napja
  • 5:21 : Marcelo knew he was gonna score How does he pull it off everytime?

    Rishabh MishraRishabh Mishra8 napja
    • "Everytime"

      Witherest 79Witherest 794 napja
  • To bad he only scores like 1 out of 70, also never scored one against barcelona😭

    Roope SuomiRoope Suomi8 napja
  • G.O.A.T

    TV RealONETV RealONE8 napja
  • Goat.

    RohanRohan8 napja
  • El goat 🐐🇵🇹

    Gilbert DelafraterieGilbert Delafraterie8 napja
  • The best

    FUAD SüleymanlıFUAD Süleymanlı8 napja
  • No se porque bajo tanto su nivel de tiros libres, antes hacia más

    Lucas GimenezLucas Gimenez8 napja
  • can i get a like ronaldo fans

    mechannelmechannel8 napja

    MxMx8 napja
  • The best

    Dracula GamingDracula Gaming8 napja
  • RONALDO ❤ The Ultimate Boss

    Mostafizur Rahman ArnobMostafizur Rahman Arnob8 napja
  • 日本人 ↓

    はいどーもはいどーも8 napja
  • The greatest of all Time

    Abdirahman HusseinAbdirahman Hussein8 napja
    • lol

      Youness BossYouness Boss4 napja
    • Is Lionel Messi

      AlanAlan6 napja
  • Why doesn't he uses the curling technique more often🤷

    aditya rajaditya raj8 napja
  • 2:09 ma favorite

    spider noosi pro gamer malayalamspider noosi pro gamer malayalam8 napja
  • u wanna make me cry....

    Scripted FramesScripted Frames8 napja
  • CR7 😎

    Wandi MaulanaWandi Maulana8 napja
  • 3:14 este es el mejor

    allyally8 napja
  • 5:22 Marcelo know that was goal

    sachin zaynsachin zayn8 napja
  • Legends have it that Bartomeu signed Claudio Bravo after watching these "outrageous" skills at 1:51 and 3:41 #Bartomeu😂😂

    Die besten Die masterDie besten Die master8 napja
    • @Die besten Die master It's alright mate. 3 peat hurts equally if not worse for us Culérs.

      Avi ThakurAvi Thakur6 napja
    • @Avi Thakur I thought you were joking, but as a Madridista that word "treble" hurts, it hurts.😔

      Die besten Die masterDie besten Die master6 napja
    • @Die besten Die master And I was joking as well bro. Nobody will ever compare Bravo with fucking Ronaldo lol.

      Avi ThakurAvi Thakur6 napja
    • @Avi Thakur Well you could also say he won more international trophies than Cristiano (2 penalty shootouts vs Argentina for Chile) and I could say Cristiano won more Champions Leagues, Domestic trophies, Ballon d'or, etc. But are we really comparing Cristiano and Bravo???🤔🤔 P.S. It was just another Bartomeu joke, brother, nothing serious.

      Die besten Die masterDie besten Die master6 napja
    • He won more trebles than Cristiano😘

      Avi ThakurAvi Thakur6 napja
  • TBH Most of the Free kick goals are deflected, goalkeeping mistakes or result of poor wall positioning. And you call it 'Top Free Kick Goals'🤔🤔

    Die besten Die masterDie besten Die master8 napja
    • @Lionel Messi They have included 14 goals, why not make a list of top 10 and cut out the 4 "lucky" goals. Also they have not included his brilliant knuckleball against Atletico at the Calderon from 2011/12. Hence, I expressed my frustration.

      Die besten Die masterDie besten Die master6 napja
    • Lmao only one freekick was deflected and 2 were goalkeeping error. Rest were eithere bounced right in front of the keeper or wonderful knuckleball

      Lionel MessiLionel Messi6 napja
  • Don't forget leo messi most free kick goals🤩

    Shrinikesh SanthoshShrinikesh Santhosh8 napja
    • Leo messi isn't the player with most free kick goals, please watch some football.

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
  • Por que después no le salieron más estos goles 🤔?

    black tubeblack tube8 napja
  • Where can I watch this with English commentary and y the Spanish commentators say goal so long after a goal

    Mohamed TaMohamed Ta8 napja
  • pendulum

    nimrod nix1nimrod nix18 napja
    • Pessi

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
  • Sois memos.....Cr ha marcado golazos auténticos golazos de falta en españa, y vais y poneis el primero en una lista de los mejores uno que es de rebote en la barrera, solo para denostarlo porque se os ve el plumero, se os ve MUCHO. SOIS MEMOS hasta decir basta.

    Rober LopezRober Lopez8 napja
  • *Cristiano Scores Goal* Commentator : LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOL.....😂

    Mehul KumarMehul Kumar8 napja
    • Cringe

      WhySoSerious?WhySoSerious?2 napja
    • No, golgolgolgol

      Lucas GimenezLucas Gimenez8 napja
  • ✌️✌️✌️💞💞💞💞😍😍😍

    Tania LimaTania Lima8 napja
  • Memories 💔

    Genius football S710Genius football S7108 napja
  • 🥺❤

  • The best days were when he was playing for Real Madrid

  • Christiano Penaldo 🤡

    AminAmin9 napja
    • @Lionel Messi Yeah Sir Lionel pessi you won't need to be CR7 to drink water you just need you to be because you are amazing just the way you are my idol Sir lionel pessi👍🏽

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
    • @Puyol but i am not cristiano ronaldo to drink water

      Lionel MessiLionel Messi6 napja
    • @Lionel Messi nah bro I learn from you don't even give attention towards your haters that's why I don't need to do this to be your fan. Learning from the greatest you the best .I never show a humble person like you Sir Lionel Messi I know you have around 400m$ net worth from that much amount of money you can buy petrol and drink it easily but still you show your humble nature by drinking water this shows how humble you are and never forget from where you came from.

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
    • @Puyol if you are my fan then why aren't you barking penaldo tapinaldo everywhere?

      Lionel MessiLionel Messi6 napja
    • @Lionel Messi Huge respect to you my bro lionel pessi you are the greatest bottler of all time 👍🏽👍🏽. It's an honoured for me to get a reply from you. I'm your huge fan.

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
  • Jelek,ngandelin power,terbukti kan sekarang dah tuir bisa apa ???

    Addin AssidiqiAddin Assidiqi9 napja
  • He was an incredible free-kick taker when he was in RM and MU… we miss him..

    Sheraz MuhammadSheraz Muhammad9 napja
    • @Alan Lara yes he was

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
    • @Amin lol stfu pessi fangirl

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
    • No he wasn't

      Alan LaraAlan Lara8 napja
    • Lol stfu pendulum

      AminAmin9 napja
  • Some of these are good, but you can see why he does scored many anymore....these goal keepers were awful!!! Some of them go straight to the keeper, yet they still miss. The best freekick takers get better accuracy than this, like the amazing Nakamura and Messi who are all about the placement. Some of these are epic though.

    Joseph PurdueJoseph Purdue9 napja
    • @Avi Thakur go educate urself on how knuckleballs work, it it weren't about technique then everyone would have done that rather than going for curlers

      H AH A3 napja
    • @Avi Thakur it goes after knee problems

      H AH A3 napja
    • @Avi Thakur then according to you messi also doesnt do the work and the ball curls itself?

      Lionel MessiLionel Messi6 napja
    • @Lionel Messi That's the point 'genius'. It's the ball doing the work and not you? Have you ever played football 'genius'?

      Avi ThakurAvi Thakur6 napja
    • @Avi Thakur well you have to hit it in such a way that the ball becomes unpredictable. That's called knuckleba freekick genius

      Lionel MessiLionel Messi6 napja
  • I swear I lose you CR7 in LA Liga

    Mahmoud WasfyMahmoud Wasfy9 napja
  • I just let the vid run n the 1st goal I see is deflected one xD wow

    Guillaume TussGuillaume Tuss9 napja

    Mohamad MohiyadinMohamad Mohiyadin9 napja
    • @Lionel Messi Yes bro that's why I respect you, you even admire one of your opponent as your idol this shows how great you are Sir Lionel Pessi. I will always be your fan.

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
    • @Puyol I love bottling and retiring. Cristiano is my idol

      Lionel MessiLionel Messi6 napja
    • @Lionel Messi yes bro you are the greatest bottler of all time 😅😂

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
    • I am pionel pessi

      Lionel MessiLionel Messi6 napja
    • Lionel fraud pessi

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
  • La liga still needs ronaldo to increase the viewer's

    Mohammed MoqbelMohammed Moqbel9 napja
  • I am 20 yrs old and have a dilemma if anyone can help. Choice 1: go to college while having a part time job and graduate at 24 while sacrificing time that can be spent on my youtube channel. Choice 2: get a full time, move out, and put in as much hours as I can into my channel and other business ideas to become someone like ronaldo, or messi. Cus only reason why I want college is for money to help me do these things. Share your thoughts and ideas.

    Leonard tk20Leonard tk209 napja
  • Best free kick and best players

    Шахноза РахматоваШахноза Рахматова9 napja
  • como se le hecha de menos a cristiano ronaldo, no encontraremos otro jugador como el en la liga durante muchisimos años

    Diego Manuel Camacho VegaDiego Manuel Camacho Vega9 napja
  • Quien aqui , cuando ya Cristiano Ronaldo se dedica solo a Empujar balones debajo del marco , y que solo lleva 1 tiro libre en 3 años en la Juventus 😭😭

    Jose Miguel VaquizJose Miguel Vaquiz9 napja
  • Always those losers with green lasers...

    Jussi PoikulainenJussi Poikulainen9 napja
  • some horrendous goalkeeping

    Tim BarosTim Baros9 napja
    • 4:05 lol imagine pointing flashlights at his eyes and he still scores

      Tim BarosTim Baros9 napja
  • Los únicos goles de tiro libre en su carrera 🤣🤣

    ᏦᗩᏆᏦᗩᏆ9 napja
    • Los de Penalessi 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      CaGAYbi puta petardo en su cueva humillado por miCaGAYbi puta petardo en su cueva humillado por mi6 napja
    • @Aldrhin Reyes Jr. 99

      ᏦᗩᏆᏦᗩᏆ8 napja
    • Vos cuantos tenés?

      Aldrhin Reyes Jr.Aldrhin Reyes Jr.8 napja
  • 4 free kicks in and you could say 3 of them were goalkeeper mistakes. Messi doesn’t even give goalkeepers a chance

    Daniel RomeroDaniel Romero9 napja
    • Why always comparing? And yeah messi's some of the free kicks goals are by goalkeeper mistakes.

      PuyolPuyol6 napja
  • Ronaldo is by far the best player in history!!!

    Gabi avrahamGabi avraham9 napja
    • Not by far, he has another guy sharing the pedestal

      H AH A3 napja
    • @Hasib Al Fuad Messi not to he is not even the best at his country

      CaGAYbi puta petardo en su cueva humillado por miCaGAYbi puta petardo en su cueva humillado por mi6 napja
    • Lol. this is by far the best joke. Not even the best player of Real madrid

      Hasib Al FuadHasib Al Fuad7 napja
  • Ronaldo vs shit keepers

    alfred wangalfred wang9 napja
  • Inspite of being a Messi fan, I Iove watching his freekicks. With huge speed from long range and swing, his freekicks somehow seem a bit attractive to me than Messi.

    Tathagata ChakrabortiTathagata Chakraborti9 napja
    • Cristiano can score many freekicks if he curves them but he always goes with the knuckle and it’s hard to pull it off after his injury

      Elias faroq FafaElias faroq FafaNapja
    • @KhongGuan I don’t think the balls they use now knuckle as much so he kind of quit using it

      Trenton HogsettTrenton Hogsett3 napja
    • After he stop using knuckle ball, his free kick effiency drop so much. So sad.

      KhongGuanKhongGuan6 napja
    • Messi's freekicks are godlike when it's near the box but when it comes to range Ronaldo is probably next to juninho and roberto

      manish takermanish taker8 napja
  • I miss Ronaldo juventus spoiled him

  • No puedo creer la cantidad de hate que hay en los comentarios hacia CR7, de seguro son niños ratas que apenas tienen internet con una vida de mierda para tener que escribir harta cantidad de idioteces

    CR7 GOATCR7 GOAT9 napja
  • Madre mía el bicho que golazos y ni hablar de los que pateaba cuando jugaba en el United, pura potencia.

    Braulio A MolinaBraulio A Molina9 napja